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Dutch H.K.D. Federation

How it all began.

Dutch H.K.D. Fed.
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About the Dutch H.K.D. Federation.
How it all began.

In a Dutch Championship in 1990-Emilio Kwanjangnim met grandmaster Seo, a Korean Taekwondo and Hapkido grandmaster. He was looking for people who together with him could introduce Hapkido, according to GM Myong Jae-Nam in The Netherlands . He dreamed a long time of a private school and saw his chance now clean. He immediately joined in for that course. In subsequent years he participated in many seminars and courses in which the late Grandmaster Myong Jae-Nam taught in Hapkido and Hankido.
At the European Championships of 2005 in Graz, Austria, he met master Roberto Proo from Mexico. He told him about the World Hapkido Federation and suggested him to represent the World Hapkido Federation in The Netherlands. 

In September 2006, he went to Tijuana in Mexico together with two of his students, Mark van Keulen and Bas van de Ven.  There he was appointed representative of the World Hapkido Federation. From the hands of Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung he received all the diplomas and certificates needed for a dutch federation.

Back in The Netherlands, he founded the Dutch H.K.D. Federation. He is chairman of this Federation. He is assisted by: Kyobunim: Kim Vugts, Kyosanim: Mark van Keulen, Jacqueline Meis and Harrie van der Velden. He has designed himself the emblem of the Dutch H.K.D. Federation . 

Symbolism of the emblem:

The eagle was the symbol since 1967 for Hapkido, because of his speed and powerful claws. The eagle as king of the birds has something majestic and also stands for freedom.

The colors red, white and blue are not just for the Dutch flag but also for the Um-Yang symbol of the Korean flag. The circles symbolize the infinite movement of the opposite poles in order to balance. 

The rotating motion of the red-white-blue symbolizes the universe that is always on the move. This is also the circular mouvement in Hankido.

Emilio Iglesias López is for two reasons Kwanjangnim (title for founder / founder of a dojang, school / club). He is the founder of CHEBI Gym and the Dutch HKD Federation.

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Hapkido in Vught, Waalwijk.