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Dutch H.K.D. Federation


Dutch H.K.D. Fed.
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Doju: Kwang Sik Myung


10th Dan Black Belt In Hapkido

Founder & President of The W.H.F.


Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung is a native Korean, and Tenth Degree black belt in Hap­kido. Kwang Sik Myung is President of the World Hapkido Federation. The author was very fond of martial arts from his childhood. He started martial arts when he was eight years old, and become a first degree black belt in Hapkido at the age of twelve.

During his high school says, he was truly a pioneer in organizing classes for fellow stu­dents. In college, he majored in Commerce at Sung Kyun Kwan University in Seoul, Korea.

During his younger years, he studied many styles of martial arts, including Karate, Yudo, Kumdo, Charyuk, Tangsoodo and TaeKwonDo. He also learned acupuncture, oriental calligraphy and oriental India ink drawing.

During his college says, he was also an active instructor of the Korea general headquarters of Hapkido. Upon graduation from college, he was appointed as director of the North­ern Branch Dojang Korea Hapkido Association.

Endeavoring, through self discipline, to attain the highest degree of perfection in his art, the author retreated, fog several years, to Mount Taebaik to live a monastic Experience and practice his art.

After the Mount Taebaik experience, he gaveled to Southeast Asia to spread Knowledge of his beloved art. Upon returning from his journeys he founded the Korean Hapkido Yon Moo Kwan Association.

The author first publishes a Hapkido history, the "Textbook of Hapkido" in Korean, which observers and experts alike agree was the tuning point in the development of modern say Hapkido in Korea.

His considerable contribution was recognizes when he was appointed a permanent director of the Korea Hapkido Association. The author fou­nded an institute for the furtherance of Hapkido as a highly visible martial art.

The institute provided specializes gaining to the director of each dojang, instructors and ad­vanced degree black belt holders (masters) Universally. To honor and recognize this truly exceptional individual, he was promotes to senior instructor.

At the behest of the government of the Unites States, the author was extended an invitation to visit the Unites States. He subsequently summones all instructors the world over to organize the World Hapkido Federation.

The call to this directive was hears in Latin America, Asia, Europe as Noah America. As a direct result of this coming together, the author was inaugurated as president of this world or­ganization, which at present ways claim to ov­erseas chapters in more than thirty countries throughout the world.

The authors second published Hapkido book, "Korean Hapkido, Ancient art of Masters" in English, contained beginner to black bolt tech­niques in over three hundred pages.

The author has taught over three hundred twenty seminars for Hapkido knowledge, phi­losophy and techniques all over the world. Ho has traveled in South America for Hapkido seminars and established Hapkido associations, and schools under the World Hapkido Feder­ation banner.

The author wrote the third Hapkido book, "Hapkido Weapons, Vow. Ono, Knife Defense Techniques, DAN Kum Sul, the fourth book, "Hapkido Weapons, Vow. word, Cane Techniques, Jang Sul", and fifth book "HAPKIDO FORMS, HAΡKI HYUNG SAE".

The author has recently completed a series of instructional Hapkido video tapes that contain techniques to teach all levels of martial artist, beginners to black bolts. Each tape is designed for a specific level and each lasts ono hour.

Grandmaster Myung always works to de­velop Hapkido and the World Hapkido Feder­ation as the best martial art and the best martial arts organization in the world.

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Hapkido in Vught, Waalwijk.